Kanye Finally Gets On Kim’s Level, Cops His Own Massive Mural In Sydney

Australia’s graffiti artists seem to have realised our nation’s walls are the only surfaces left uncolonised by the Kardashian-Wests, and they’re bloody well trying to right that wrong.

Following the valiant efforts of Lush Sux, who threw up two instantly iconic murals in the days since Kim’s game-changing selfies, Scott Marsh’s latest work celebrates the couple’s true love: as in, the love between Kanye and himself. 

?? Teggs lane, Chippendale. #sydney @kanyedoingthings #kanyewest #kanye #yeezy #yeezyboost

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The new masterpiece, which is situated in the heart of Sydney’s Chippendale, riffs off a classic ‘shop that’s worthy of praise in its own right.

Honestly, at this point, keep your eyes peeled for a Saint mural to crop in Adelaide, followed by North in Darwin. Hell, while we’re at it, why not a full-scale Kris Jenner portrait in Auckland? 

It’s their world, guys, and we just live in it. 

Source: Scott Marsh / Instagram.