So we all know that Justin Bieber has been kickin’ around Sydney for the past few days, surprising people at Bondi Beach and baffling locals with his choice of chicken joint in Auburn (seriously, JB? You’re not gonna go to El Jannah? IT’S RIGHT THERE).

And now we know why he came here: to dance. 

Specifically to dance at the 2017 Sydney Hillsong Conference, which is an unnerving turn of phrase to describe a thousands-strong three-day worship fest run by a mind-bogglingly wealthy mega-church, but there you go. 

The Biebs has been posting a bunch of vids to his Insta demonstrating his willingness to introduce the Dab to the realms of liturgical dance, dazzling unsuspecting Hillsong attendees as he goes. 


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According to his friend and pastor Carl Lentz, Bieber is attending the conference without any kind of paid obligation. Why he’s chosen to come halfway ’round the world to dab and shuffle with the Christians of Sydney, God only knows. 

Source: 9 News.

Image: Instagram / @justinbieber.