Julie Bishop Cops Peoples’ Wrath For Chucking A Bronnie With $30K Flight

You know those little, magnetised plastic plaques that hang on household fridges around Australia? The ones that tell you the apparent meaning and history of your surname? 

Right, well, it might just be worth considering what exactly it says on the “Bishop” edition, and whether we’ve all missed where it says “prone to taking questionable taxpayer-funded flights.” 
That’s because Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and her partner apparently took a $30,000 private flight last month, shuttling her from a dinner function in Perth back to Canberra on the public dollar. 
An empty RAAF jet was flown to Perth on the 17th, with Bishop and partner David Panton hitching a ride back to the capital, arriving early on the 19th – apparently there weren’t any commercial flights to scoot her back in time to catch the start of her working week.
Don’t ready your pitchforks just yet, Australia – this may not be Bronnie-Copter 2.0, and it makes sense the government’s second-in-command be back in Canberra to catch all the action. There’s also the slight difference between Bronwyn’s 80km flutter and the continent-spanning flight the Foreign Minister took in October.

Here’s a lil’ visual reminder:

And Bronwyn’s grand voyage?

Right-o, then. Still, with a name like that…

Story via News Corp.
Image: Stefan Postles via Getty.