Judge Says Cassie Sainsbury Won’t Get To Serve Jail Time In Australia

A Colombian judge has poured cold water on a plan for Cassandra Sainsbury to serve her jail time in Australia if she is found guilty of smuggling 5.8 kilograms of cocaine allegedly found in her luggage. 
Judge John Jairo Zambraro, who initially put Sainsbury behind bars, said through an interpreter that it is extremely unlikely that such a request would ever be granted on her behalf. 
“The system is clear. Do the crime in Colombia, do the time in Colombia,” he told reporters.
Judge Zambraro also expressed surprise at Sainsbury’s youthfulness, saying “what caught my eye was her age … she was 22, too young to be caught up in something like this.”
Sainsbury’s lawyer Orlando Herran told media that his client is having a “difficult” time behind bars and is “permanently crying” and finding it “psychologically difficult” to cope with her current situation. 
He also spoke about Sainsbury’s mystery Colombian contact Angelo, who allegedly supplied her with boxes of headphones containing drugs. He gave details of their alleged meeting, saying:
“The first day she didn’t trust him, the second day a little bit more, the third day she trusted him, because he seemed very friendly. He spoke English and Spanish. He helped with everything, with translation, he showed her around. She thought she had made a good friend.”
Sainsbury’s fiancé Scott Broadbridge has said that he will stand by her, while acknowledging that there are still “many unanswered questions” about the case. 
Source: News Corp.
Photo: Supplied.