Jonah Hill’s Ex Has Leaked A 3rd Round Of Texts From The Actor & They Just Keep Getting Worse

JOnah Hill

Sarah Brady, a surfer and the ex-girlfriend of Jonah Hill, has leaked even more texts between them following their breakup. In the latest screenshots, she has accused Hill of sexting her weeks before he was pictured getting cosy with another woman. He denied her claims until she whipped out the receipts to prove it. Oooft.

The screenshots, which show a conversation that happened in August last year, refer to a series of photos taken with his current partner, Olivia Millar. This was the first time Millar and Hill had been seen in public together and the couple now have a child.

Brady claims that Hill reached out on August 30 to tell her that he’d started dating someone else.

(Image Source: Instagram / Sarah Brady @sarahhbrady)

Brady says that just hours later, the photos of the new couple frolicking around in the ocean were in the press. But to make things a little bit more complicated, they’d accidentally identified Millar as Brady and she wasn’t happy.

(Image Source: Instagram / Sarah Brady @sarahhbrady)

After asking him to rectify the mistake with his publicist, she wrote: “Not that it’s really my business but out of my own personal chicks before dicks code if that’s heading anywhere other than hookup or fling I’d appreciate if you make that woman aware of how recently you’ve been flirting with me, sexting me, and leaning on me for partner level emotional support,” she wrote.

(Image Source: Instagram / Sarah Brady @sarahhbrady)

“Sorry WHAT,” Hill replied, before claiming that he had been there for her as a friend and denied any allegations that they’d been sexting since their break up.

(Image Source: Instagram / Sarah Brady @sarahhbrady)

But unluckily for the Superbad star, Brady kept receipts.

(Image Source: Instagram / Sarah Brady @sarahhbrady)

“New side of you Sarah,” Hill replied, according to Brady’s screenshots.

“I care about you and will always be your friend. As I have been. Yes, we sexted two months ago.”

Brady’s screenshots then showed a message from Hill where he says her screenshots of their private messages was “a huge triggering violation” for him.

(Image Source: Instagram / Sarah Brady @sarahhbrady)
(Image Source: Instagram / Sarah Brady @sarahhbrady)

ICYMI, On Sunday, Brady claimed that she’d suffered emotional abuse from Hill during their relationship and took to her Instagram Stories to share her story through a series of texts with Jonah and with an unnamed friend.

In them, she goes into more detail about her experience dating Hill, alleging that he used his mental health issues as a way to manipulate her.

“Yes at the start he complimented me and flirted with me over the same surf pic he later called an ‘ass shot’,” she wrote in a text.

“And [he] was angry I didn’t take [it] down. Angry I didn’t read his mind. Like, bro, you know what you signed up for.

“And the worst part is he blamed it all on his mental health issues. Which, of course, I was empathetic to as I have bipolar type one myself. But he was so fixated on psychotherapy and acted like the authority on the subject between the two of us.”

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(Image Source: Instagram / Sarah Brady @sarahhbrady)

In another screenshot, Brady explained that it was “absurd” for Hill to be pissed at her for posting bikini pics and surfing pics when she’s a legit surfer. And, to make it worse, he even slid into her DMs after seeing a pic of her surfing in a bikini. Make it make sense.

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(Image Source: Instagram / Sarah Brady @sarahhbrady)

In other IG Stories, Brady also alleged that Hill made her turn down jobs and that she was “bored” of the person she was when she was with Hill.

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(Image Source: Instagram / Sarah Brady @sarahhbrady)

Earlier on Saturday, Brady posted a series of screenshots allegedly between herself and Hill to her Instagram account accusing the actor/director of emotional abuse.

The first in the series of Stories allegedly depicted a conversation where Brady, at the request of Hill, deleted multiple posts from her Instagram.

For context, much of Brady’s Instagram is made up of photos and videos of her in bikinis and surf gear due to her being a surf instructor.

The video is captioned “This is a warning to all girls. If your partner is talking to you like this make an exit plan”.

Brady then posted a second screenshot allegedly confirming that it was a surfing photo of her which led Hill to slide into her DMs.

It’s unclear whether this was their first interaction.

A third screenshot allegedly shows a text from Hill where he outlines his “boundaries” with regard to what Brady features on her Instagram.

There has been much criticism over the use of the term “boundaries” in this context because, unsurprisingly, it’s being misused.

Brady and others online argued that the word has been co-opted to exert control, rather than set up healthy, mutually agreed rules within the relationship.

All up, there are over 10 screenshots of alleged conversations between the pair posted over a day.

In a separate Insta Story, Brady wrote that “someone being an emotionally abusive partner doesn’t mean they’re a terrible person (often stems from their own trauma) and at the same time it doesn’t mean it’s ok”. 

Jonah Hill is yet to respond to the allegations.

Per People, the pair’s romance was first made public in August 2021, when Brady posted multiple pictures of them to her Instagram.

Hill began posting pictures of the then-couple to his social media a month later in September.

On Friday, before going public with her allegations, Brady posted a black and white photo to her Insta feed with the caption “reviving a pic I took down by request of a misogynist narcissist”.

Help is available.

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