JK Rowling Bribes Fans With New HP Info To Support Scotland In World Cup

Harry Potter fanatics might often debate over which book out of the seven kills it the most*, but, frankly, the question is moot because JK Rowling‘s greatest work isn’t any of those books. Or any of Robert Galbraith’s.

Because Rowling’s greatest work is her bloody beautiful twitter feed. 

Adding to her extensive repertoire of doing Twitter right, today JK Rowling offered up a wager to her fans: support Scotland’s Rugby World Cup efforts against Samoa with the #AsOne tag, and the date of Sirius Black‘s birthday would be unleashed. 

The match was AKA Triwizard Tournament of Rugby.

The bribe prompted this en masse:

With the campaign culminating in a Scottish victory: 

And the birthday of Sirius Black being revealed:

Bless. This. Woman.

*correct answer: #3.