Holy Shit, A Jetstar Flight Had To Make An Emergency Landing In Japan ‘Cos Of A Bomb Threat

A Jetstar Airways Airbus 320 is seen at new Chitose Airport in Narita, Japan

A Jetstar Japan flight was forced to make an emergency landing in central Japan on Saturday morning after receiving a bomb threat.

As far as sentences I didn’t think I’d be writing in 2023 go, that one is certainly a the top of the list.

The flight was choofing from Narita to Fukuoka when it was diverted to Chubu Centrair International Airport, a Jetstar spokesperson said in a statement.

As reported by CNN, public broadcaster NHK said Narita Airport copped a call at 6.20am Japan Standard Time from a bloke in Germany who claimed he’d put a 100kg plastic bomb in the cargo compartment of the aircraft.

According to NHK, he demanded to speak to the “manager” or he’d detonate the bomb, which is truly the most Karen shit I’ve ever heard in my life. I just know he rocks a mean, lean bob with hectic blonde highlights and drives a ‘yuge Kia Carnival.

NKH said no explosives or suspicious objects were found on the plane, per CNN.

A Chubu Airport spokesperson told Reuters there were 136 passengers and six crew members on the Jetstar Japan flight.

The airline said in a statement that passengers evacuated the aircraft via emergency slides. Five people received minor injuries while disembarking, a police official told Reuters.

Footage shared to social media showed the exit route in action, and it makes for pretty wild viewing. It’s just not every day you see folks hopping off a plane by moseying down an emergency slide, you know?

NKH said Chubu Airport temporarily suspended departures and landings following the emergency landing, per Reuters. 

Jetstar Japan confirmed it was working closely with the airport and local authorities to investigate the situation.

Personally, I’m chomping at the bit to find out what this rogue bloke in Germany was thinking. We need a Benoit Blanc investigation à la Knives Out