Whip Out The Whiskey, ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 3 Is On Its Way

Contributor: Louis Costello

Netflix has gone and renewed Marvel‘s Jessica Jones for a third season because if they hadn’t we would’ve absolutely raged.

Krysten Ritter, the actress behind the titular character (as well as the wildly under-appreciated Don’t Trust The B) shared the major news through Instagram:

The details of season three are currently nonexistent, so calling all JJ superfans: we need theories and we need them now. Leave no stone unturned, shake down all Netflix employees for answers (probs don’t actually touch ’em though, we suspect Netflix’s legal team are A-grade).

Released just last month, Season 2 of Jessica Jones saw the hard-drinking, badass private detective reunite with her batshit cray mum and uncover more of her superpower origin, which, without spoilers, made us seriously question the moral integrity of mad scientist/doctor hybrids.

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No release date has been announced as of yet, but, as season two was released to coincide with International Women’s Day (Mar 8), we could hope for the trend to continue into 2019.

Bring on International Women’s Day 2019, AKA Jessica Jones day.