Jess Origliasso’s Partner Kai Carlton Discusses Being Trans During Instagram Q&A

Jess Origliasso Kai Carlton

Jess Origliasso and her partner, LA-based muso / bartender Kai Carlton, have been loved up and serving all kinds of couple goals realness on social media since November last year.

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In fact, you might recall that when Jess first posted a kissy pic of the pair, it prompted this awkward exchange with her ex Ruby Rose.

Kai has been hanging with Jess and her sister Lisa as The Veronicas played at LA Pride over the past few days, posting happy snaps with the girls as they celebrated at the LGBTQI-positive event.

It prompted one of Kai’s Instagram followers to question why Kai was so supportive of the event, saying “I’m new to your Instagram page and I don’t really understand the pride thing? (You look beautiful btw)”.

Kai filmed a response, saying:

I don’t really know what you mean by you ‘don’t understand the pride thing’? Maybe I just don’t say it that much because I don’t really see a reason to really to say it socially, but I’m a trans male, so that’s why I’m prideful.

While it’s totally Kai’s choice whether or not to publicly comment on gender, it’s pretty cool that Kai’s followers could see this kind of openness and total self-acceptance on social media. In fact, it prompted a fan to say: “Not a q, just wish i accept myself the way u do. i respect that. have a nice day / night :)”

Kai gave a lovely, heartfelt response:

I haven’t always been the best role model for self-acceptance, I really hated myself for so long, but all you gotta do is really expand on the things that you know are great about you, and I’m sure there’s plenty!