‘Survivor’ Daddy Jeff Probst Has Finally Shared His Numero Uno Travel Hack

For twenty years, Jeff Probst has stationed himself on remote islands, dense forests, and even the Queensland outback in search of America’s toughest Survivor contestants. Of course, his lingering presence on the reality TV mainstay proves one fact: he’s likely the most seasoned survivor of them all. And goddamn, the planet wants to know how he does it.

Speaking to GQ Magazine, Probst has finally unveiled a few of the travel tips and tricks he’s learned across 35 seasons. Folks, his go-to travel essential can be yours for US $60, because it is US $60.

“A $20 bill can come in very handy in a lot of different situations,” Probst admitted, saying he carries three at all times. “It can be a thank you. It can be a tip to make your trip better. Or It can be a straight up bribe.”

The fella recounted a situation where his crew were hassled by local cops for no apparent reason, but were left alone thanks to a cheeky twenty. There you have it, friends. Despite honing his skills in the wilderness for fucking yonks, a greenback will still handle some of life’s most dicey situations.

Viewers have long admired the bloke’s visage, especially considering the fact he habitually exposes himself to the elements for the planet’s entertainment. But Probst admits to having a pretty simple skincare regiment that consists of sunscreen and… a cheeky laser skin treatment every six months or so.

As for his seemingly unimpeachable physique, Probst says he manages to bring a simple set of workout gear to each shoot. Fancy hoofing it over to Vanuatu and still finding time to pump the iron.

You can read the full chat right HERE.