WTF Did This Dog Seeking Adoption Do To Get Banned From An Entire US State?

Jack is a handsome 5-year-old Siberian Husky who’s currently up for adoption, but by the sounds of his bio, he’s had a pretty shady past.

While looking for a pet to adopt, Twitter user @historiancole came across the listing which describes Jack as “sweet affectionate boy”, but because of some “mischief” he got into in his younger years, he “cannot legally reside in the state of Maryland. Jack, what have you done?

That is the face of a criminal dog, folks. Jack has committed at least one crime in Maryland that’s so bad, he’s never allowed to go back.

What the hell did you do, Jack? Did you do a dog murder? A human murder? Did you do a fraud crime? Of course, the internet has weighed in with its own suspicions.

No one has managed to figure out what Jack did, but it looks like he could have bitten someone or another animal.

Whatever the case, he’s still up for adoption if you’re keen and also live in a US state that isn’t Maryland. Just be prepared for your house to become a den for potential dog criminals.