It Turns Out Those Ed Sheeran Tomato Sauce Bottles Are Re-Selling A Whopping $2500

Three bottles of the limited Ed-ition Ed Sheeran Heinz tomato sauce bottles have sold in London, one for a whopping $2670.


Now don’t go rushing to the fridge like I just did because it’s not the standard Ed bottle, the bottle that’s selling for big bucks is the “Ed Sheeran X Heinz Tomato Ketchup, the Tattoo Edition”, of which only 150 bottles were printed.

But, if you managed to pick up one of those 150, you can basically retire because they’ve sold for $1869, $1958 and $2,670 so far. Not sure who’s dropping $2k on tomato sauce but you do you.

Each of the bottles feature a copy of Sheeran’s Heinz tattoo, and were printed to coincide with Heinz’ 150th birthday.

“What’s special about them is that they have his tattoos on the label,” Kraft Heinz director of corporate affairs Nigel Dickie said. “They’re part of the label, so it’s his sleeve on our sleeve.”

Ed Sheeran announced on Instagram that approximately 104 bottles will be given away in a worldwide competition. BRB entering that giveaway to hopefully fund my retirement at the ripe old age of 21.

If you’re not a die-hard Sheeran fan, you may not know that he has the Heinz tomato sauce bottle tattooed on his arm, which is where the chaos all started. So if you ever think you’ve got a dumb tattoo, at least you don’t have a bottle of ketchup on your bod. Maybe one day you’ll get famous enough to cop a sponsor for that VB tatty on your leg.

This is the second Ed-themed ketchup to be released this year, with the “Tomato Edchup” bottle being released on International Ketchup Day. It’s a real holiday, look it up.

Although you can’t buy a bottle of the limited tattoo ketchup, you can still pick up a Tomato Edchup for a measly $5USD  here.