Inside Sydney’s MCA Revamp

The Museum of Contemporary Art (which from here on in will be referred to many times as the MCA, so brace yourself) reopened yesterday following a $53 million redevelopment over eight months. The monumental facelift has created an additional 4,500 square metres, almost doubling the MCA’s total size, as well as creating three new galleries and an entire floor dedicated to the MCA Collection.

MCA: Major Construction Accomplished.

To kick things off there’s Marking Time, an exhibition presenting major (may-jor) works by eleven international artists (you can guess the theme), including the highly-acclaimed 24-hour video installation The Clock by Christian Marclay as well as Volume One: MCA Collection, which is comprised of works by some 170 Australian artists from, well, the MCA Collection.

MCA Director Elizabeth Ann Macgregor, who I think we can agree has maybe one of the world’s best offices, had this to say of the new development ‘It is thrilling to see the new MCA take shape. The creation of wonderful new spaces for art and for creative learning, right on the harbour is a landmark in the Museum’s history. The cutting-edge architecture complements the existing building and the use of new technology sets a new standard for collaboration with audiences. The new MCA will be a world-class hub of art and creative learning which responds to the Museum’s growing audience and reaches out across the country.

The Museum of Contemporary Art is open daily 10am-5pm, Thur 10am-9pm and will cost you around $15/$20 depending on the asymmetry of your haircut.