Increasing Numbers Of Aussies Are Cool With Credit Card Chip Implants

New research from Visa’s Department Of Cool Yet Vaguely Creepy Shit has indicated an increasing number of Australians are fine with the idea of having a chip implanted in their bodies to take the place of a traditional credit card.
Per reports in Nine News, a survey by the credit card company indicated that 25% of Australians surveyed were “slightly interested” in the idea of an implant that would allow them to wave their hands to make a purchase.
The technology has existed for more than a decade, and consists of “a tiny antenna and an identification number, designed to be implanted between the thumb and index finger and detected by a radio frequency identification scanner.”
The kicker?
Unfortunately, some past research has linked the chips to cancers in laboratory animals.

Okay, they should probably work on that bit before considering a broader roll-out of the technology, hey.
Visa recently announced broader partnership with University of Technology Sydney exploring the attitudes of Australian towards different kinds of wearable technology.
Reportedly, 32% of us are keen to make purchases with a smart watch, 29% with a smart ring, 26% with smart glasses, and 0% with smart woollen sweaters knitted by our nannas.
Photo: Justin Sullivan via Getty Images