ICYMI The Tampon Tax / ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ Parody Is Modern Poetry

The 16th century had Shakespeare, the 20th had Heaney, and the 21st has Aussies parodying the lyrical masterpiece most beloved by white kids on the DF – Snoop Dogg’s ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ – in protest of the tampon tax. 

It’s called ‘Drop It Coz It’s Rot‘. And it’s a lyrical masterpiece.

The video clip protesting the GST on tampons – a subject Tony Abbott cares not for – includes such lines as “I B-L-E-E-D just coz I was born as me / so I pay the GST coz menstruation ain’t for free“, and a visual combination of Joe Hockey and a sexually dangled tampon. [You don’t get the chance to write a sentence like that very often. You just don’t.]

The mastermind behind all this is Aussie legend Mia Lethbridge, who created, wrote, directed, and produced it, and THEN had the genius idea of inviting Tony Abbott’s sister Christine Forster to participate.

(She’s the one in the white snapback. What a glorious time to be alive.)

[It may or may not surprise you to learn that Forster is firmly ‘AGAINST’ many of Abbott’s policies, to the point of jesting she’ll take the top job to sort out this marriage equality bullshit. If only.]