I Tried Living In A Scape Student Apartment And Wtf I Wish I Had This When I Was A Young’n

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In this line of work, you’re often sent to strange and sometimes, uncomfortable places. Thankfully, this isn’t the case all the time. Sometimes, when luck (and your boss) is smiling upon you, you get sent to good places, nice places even — places like Scape, a home for students to come from far and wide to rest their heads while they call Melbourne home.

This is Scape Franklin, the place I’ll be calling home for the next few days, to get a taste of the good life — a far cry from my digs when I was a student. But hey, better late than never.

You might be wondering why I’m here, why I’m wandering the halls of the Scape building like some ghost yearning to reclaim the days of the past, when uni lectures and missing the uni bar happy hour were life’s biggest concerns. Well, I’m here to check out Scape’s new suites. I’m here to live the suite life, if you will (I’m sorry).

Walking in, I am blown away by just how nice everything is.

And immediately tempted to email my boss to see if we can turn this stay into some sort of permanent situation.

I mean, just look at this bathroom. Beats sharing it with five other people I’ll tell you that for free.

Scape Franklin is located on Melbourne’s Franklin Street, quite the ideal spot, right bang in the centre of the CBD. A short stroll to Melb Central and a stone’s throw from Queen Vic Markets, depending on how good you are at throwing stones.

Scape Australia is home to students from over 130 nationalities, and has locations all across the country, with 11 properties in Melbourne, 13 in Sydney, 6 in Brisbane, and 3 in Adelaide.

The Scape I stayed in was fully furnished, and packed to the brim with cool communal spaces like a fully equipped gym open 24/7 (perfect for you freaks who like to work out while the rest of the world sleeps), as well as a huge cinema room, complete with Apple TV for easy movie nights.

There’s a GIANT communal kitchen which was extremely clean for the entirety of my stay which was wild to me — I picture uni sharehouse kitchens and I do not think glittering inviting benchtops. And don’t think it doesn’t get used — every night people were together making meals as groups or on their own. Nice wholesome family energy.

Oh did I mention the pool table?

Or the gaming area with a whole PS5??

Or the many outdoor chill areas???

You’ll never worry about spaghetti stains on your jumper again, my friend. Not here. But perhaps the highlight for me was the Pocari Sweat available in the vending machines — anyone who stocks Pocari Sweat has good taste. That’s a valuable life rule you’d be wise to take heed of.

Another highlight was all the social activities on offer — there’s literally something for everyone and from what students have told me, the perfect way to make lifelong friends. How lovely.

It was becoming clear to me that if I could do uni all again, I’d be a fool not to live here. When you take all of the fun social aspects, the perfect central location, and the comfort of the suite itself, it’s a no-brainer. And hey, the sunsets aren’t half bad either.

Scape suites are perfect for students looking for something a little extra, whether it’s extra space, extra sophistication, extra peace of mind with all amenities and Wi-Fi included in rent, or even an extra person who might wanna come visit.

Find out more at Scape.