I Must Know Who Sleeps With Undies On (And Why)

Everyone’s family has their way of doing things. For example, you’re either a ketchup-in-the-fridge or the cupboard kind of gang, a Maccas or Hungry Jack’s crew, or of course, an undies-under-the-pyjamas or not family.

Growing up, we were firmly an undies-on-under-the-PJs kind of family. I think it’s an Italian thing. Anywho.

But as an adult, I started to picture a simpler, comfier life. One that didn’t involve feeling a polyester scratch on my buttocks as I drifted off into sleep. One that didn’t include having an elastic waistband cut into my sides as I attempted to get some much-needed shut-eye.

So I decided to betray my heritage and move to a no-undies-to-bed life recently, and man, things have changed. There’s simply nothing like giving your cooch a bit of breathing space underneath a comfy pair of pyjama pants.

It got me wondering, who is sleeping with underwear on???? Who is still suffering!! So, I asked my co-workers for their thoughts on the matter.

“If I’m wearing an oversized t-shirt to bed, I wear underwear with it (comfortable ones only). But if I’m wearing PJ pants, then it’s no underwear. UNLESS I’m on my period, then it’s underwear to bed all week for obvious reasons,” says Sam*, an enlightened individual.

“Given how uninsulated my home is, I generally end up sleeping completely naked in summer, so it just feels wrong to wear undies under pyjama pants in winter. Also, live a little! You’re in the comfort of your own home,” says Jo, another person on the right side of history.

However, things took a turn for the worse here.

“Yes, I’ve always slept with underwear on, and to my knowledge, all my friends do too. When we used to have sleepovers as kids, I remember when one of the girls admitted she didn’t normally sleep with undies, and everyone made fun of her. I find it more comfortable than sleeping without. As a woman, I always worry about the ‘mess’ that comes from randomly getting your period and whatnot,” says Tia.

“I do sleep with underwear on! I’m super picky about what I wear when I go to sleep. I’ve dabbled with not wearing them, but that’s one item I prefer to have on — even if I have nothing else. I think it just makes me feel secure or something. Not sure what it is,” echoes Ricky.

“I do for manly man reasons. You don’t want your balls swinging around the place when you turn over and accidentally crush them a lil.”

Given how much I respect my co-workers, I decided that I must give their ways a go.

So, I tried a pair of Boody underwear, and my Lord, things have changed. It turns out underwear isn’t exactly meant to itch against your skin and cut into your organs as you sleep.

^^How it feels to wear Boody undies to bed.

The undies’ material is a viscose made from bamboo, which feels suuuuper light and gentle on the skin and thermoregulates to whatever temperature you find yourself in (i.e. warms with you in the winter and cools you down in the summer). Hot tip: if you wanna try them out for yourself, you can head down to The Undie Exchange at Bondi’s Laundrlab on August 25 and 26 to exchange your old, itchy knickers for a fresh pair of Boody undies.

I don’t love being wrong about things, but seriously, my mind has been blown here. It’s inspired me to give my wardrobe a whole re-look, TBH. Why suffer in materials that don’t serve my skin and make me itch??

There’s only one life, and I want to be comfy and free, after all.

*Names have been changed for privacy.