HUZZAH: Joel McHale Will Play A Young Chevy Chase In New Netflix Movie

Netflix announced they were making an exclusive film about one of the co-founders of ‘National Lampoon‘, Douglas Kenny, a while ago now. 

They’re currently in the early stages of production, and the movie will obviously be featuring ‘National Lampoon”s most recognisable face, Chevy Chase. But who would play a young Chevy Chase, you ask?
Oh well, weird – turns out it’s Chase’s former fellow ‘Community’ star, Joel McHale. According to The Hollywood Reporter, McHale is in final negotiations over the role in the Netflix exclusive, titled ‘A Futile and Stupid Gesture’.
Especially seeing as the catalyst for Pierce Hawthorne‘s demise on Community was due to Chase’s multiple meltdowns and fights with the cast and the creator Dan Harmon
Chase had major flip outs on set – he allegedly used to N-word once, and Harmon said this about his on-set habits:
“[Chevy is] a befuddled old man, but he’s also the guy who calls you to his trailer and shakes the script in the air and says: ‘I’m not a befuddled old man! I’m sexy! I could be the star of this show! I’m not gay. You’re writing me as if I’m gay’.”
McHale didn’t clash with Chase as much as Harmon, but they definitely weren’t the best of pals. He once told David Letterman that he was “taunted” by Chase during a boxing scene and ended up accidentally separating Chase’s shoulder.
On ‘The Howard Stern Show’, McHale was asked if he ever tried to cheer Chase up: he said the veteran actor would “just try to fight me, physically fight me.”
But, it seems as though all of the physical assaults and racial slurs and water is under the bridge now.
Cool. Coolcoolcool.
Source: THR.
Photo: NBC.