How To Tell If It’s The Right Time To Swap Yr Dumb Watch For A Smart One Without Checking Yr Wrist


Okay so smartwatches aren’t a new thing but they’re still kinda a new thing. They’re the device that just keeps on evolving. They used to be novelty, now they’re first class technology. And yet so many of us, myself included, seem to prefer to lug around our smart bricks instead of living it up free and easy with a wearable. The question is why? Are we afraid of change? Are we too dependent on our phones? Are we too loyal to the dumb watch club?

If you’ve been thinking about adding a smartwatch to your device collection but are unsure if the leap will reap the digital rewards, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Are you normally wearing a dumb watch on your wrist?

If the answer is yes, then get a smart watch. Think of it as an upgrade. You’re going from Clark Kent to Superman, Hugh Jackman to Wolverine, Barry Humphries to Dame Edna. You get the picture. Analogue, who? Mechanical, what? If you don’t currently wear a time device, then keep reading. Let’s fully deep dive into your watch wearing potential. 

Do you need a personal trainer but don’t want to interact with another human?

Smartwatch it is then, mate. Smartwatches, like your HUAWEI Watch Fit, are not your regular fitness devices. They’re your cool fitness devices. The Watch Fit comes packed with over 96 workout modes and a heap of fitness courses so you can start your journey to the booty/abs/gun show. What’s even better is the 3-15 minute exercises are all demonstrated by an animated personal trainer who can track your workout metrics and offer up professional analysis. Gym no more, guys. There’s a new trainer in town, and you can find ‘em on the Watch Fit’s large 1.64” AMOLED display.

Are you the amigo who is always smashing/losing their phone?

If you lose your phone every year at Meredith or have a tendency to go swimming with it in your pocket, get a bloody smartwatch already, that way it’s literally attached to your person. It’ll make life less risky, and a heap less expensive. With a smartwatch you can go festivalling, climbing, swimming, trail running to your heart’s content. Hell, you could go camping for a week with a Watch Fit considering its battery life lasts for 10 days, and weighs a measly 34g so you won’t even feel it on you. 

Are you addicted to your phone’s health apps?

Do you get nerdy over heart rate? Really into your REM sleep? Enter the king of all health apps. HUAWEI’s Watch Fit has handy dandy health app features that offer first class heart rate monitoring technology, a self-developed multi-sensing AI neural network algorithm and the ability to monitor your blood oxygen saturation levels. Hell, if you’re a pro athlete it can even hit you up with your VO2 max, recovery times, and exercise efforts. Paired with the Huawei Health App, you can also get professional analysis and scientific guidance from your workout and health metrics. Get geeky, friends. 

Does being separated from your phone give you ~ extreme ~ anxiety?

Honestly, same. I know it’s sad but this is life now. Most of the time I’m not being contacted by anyone remotely significant but like, how do I pay for coffee if I can’t PayWay? I don’t remember anymore. Anyway, the point is if you’re suffering from serious dependency it might be time to start exercising a bit of freedom. Leave the house sans phone, we dare you. It’s liberating. 

Is it time to leave your dumb watch on the dresser and step out with a smartwatch? It just might be. In that case, I’ll leave this HUAWEI link right here, for you to take advantage of their current $50 off promo that’s running till November 15th.