How To Make Sure Your Uni Years Are The Best Of Your Damn Life

For anyone who’s thinking ’bout going to uni, you’ve probably wondered whether or not you’ll be wasting away the best years of your life. Trust us, ya’ won’t. Uni can be epic if it’s done right, something that Charles Sturt University knows all too well, making damn certain y’all are “living it” and not just “learning it”. Check out everything they have to offer HERE.

If you’re going to uni, chances are you’ve got it together and know what you want to do with your life (you go, Glen Coco).

That’s great and all, but we don’t want you to let the pressure of grades and employment goals rule / ruin your uni experience.

Once you wear that atrocious tasseled-hat-and-gown combo you’ve been dreaming ’bout thanks to a plethora of American graduation scenes, you can’t go back and relive the last coupl’a years. That’ll be a crying shame if you royally screw it up, especially considering your twenties are the best years of your life.

tfw you enter the real world

Don’t worry, we got your backs. To be able to walk away from that 3-5 year stint in the classroom with more than some HDs – like lifelong mates, travel, redic stories and, well, just all-round experience – keep reading. 

We’ll make sure your twenties are your best decade ever, without sacrificing your path to fruitful employment. 


One phenom thing about uni? You’re surrounded by like-minded people who ~get you~. You mightn’t see the similarity straight up, but it’s there deep-rooted within all’a your life prospects, and making mates will make everything at uni (from studying to partying) not only a lot easier, but a hella-good time too.

Take it from someone who figured I’d “just do my own thing ey” – you won’t have a wildly good time if you’ve got no one to get through it / celebrate with. 


Unis are pretty clued in, hey. They know that a vast majority of their students are in their twenties, and that twenty-somethings have certain needs, therefore crafting together some pretty bangin’ social calendars. 

You’d be surprised how many music gigs, trivia nights and all other things that aren’t necessarily a toga party are on the menu for y’all. 

Charles Sturt University Journalism graduate / PEDESTRIAN.TV‘s Head of Editorial, Vanessa Lawrence, says:

The less you have to think at uni (outside of your regular classes, obvs), the better – that’s why set social events are a bloody blessing that should be embraced. Mixers, formals, clambakes, trips to the Cape Trivia and open-mic nights, American-style 80s proms, traffic light parties and movie marathons – all you have to do is note down the date, assemble the crew, find something appropriate to wear if the event is themed and bam, a night you’ll never remember is sorted with almost no effort on your part.

Even if you’re not particularly digging what your institution is providing, you should 100% lap up the student nights / discounted prices that’re usually going down at surrounding venues.


Living with your ‘rents might be comfortable and affordable, but where you sleep / study / bring your one-nighters back has a huge impact on how fun / unfun your uni life will be. Of people I’ve personally exchanged uni mmrs with, the ones who lived on campus had the best time.

The dorm parties alone, you guys, not to mention communal hangovers and rocking up to a tute in last nights apparel – it’s enough to make anyone feel alive (even though you’re deadset dying on the inside). The ~vibes~ are strong on campus, but, if you’re not one for hella loose partying (who even are you btw?) then maybe shack up with mumsy instead, or, for a happy medium, look at house sharing close by with others.

Chances are you’ll be doing it straight out of uni anyway, so you can make a head start on your twenties while elbows-deep in the text books. Oh, also, a big part of uni / your twenties is finding yourself, and one doesn’t usually do that around familiar people who already have certain expectations of them, so think outside the box when it comes to roomies.


As previously mentioned, you’re not gonna get the full-blown experience if you go to a uni down the road. Where’s the fun in that? You’ll benefit the most if you go to a destination uni – one that removes you from your everyday life and throws you into the unknown – where you haven’t been to every local watering hole on offer, where no one knows jack squat about the questionable life choices you’ve made, and where new people are to be met / consensually fondled.

Laura Edwards, a PR graduate from Charles Sturt University (in Bathurst), told us:

“Going to uni away from family and friends was the best decision I made. It forces you to meet people who are unlike you, who have been brought up in a totally different environment and share many different types of beliefs. I lived with people from towns of 500 all the way to people who had never ventured far from the Sydney’s North Shore. You are also forced to mature. You have to do things for yourself and gain independence and confidence in doing that.”

While we’re on the subject, an overseas exchange program is also a bloody brill idea. If you were in your twenties and didn’t travel somewhere across the globe for an eye-opening experience, did you ever truly twenty at all? Check out what your uni has to offer (if they don’t then probs move along ey) and throw yourself right on in. You’ll be frothing harder than a vigorously shaken Coke bottle when you’re done. 

dat worldly froth

Now that you know what you need to make your uni experience ripper, you’ll need to find an institution that can give you everything you need and den some. Exhibit A: Charles Sturt University, which not only offers all you need to live your best twenties life, but also has the highest rate of graduate employment in Australia so that y’can stress less and live more.

As a matter of fact, two of our very own came from the uni (Head of Editorial, Vanessa and News Editor Alex Bruce-Smith), because, duh, it’s got a rep for some of the most prestigious degrees in the country, Bachelor of Communications included. Check out other courses they offer HERE.

Now go forth and show your twenties what you’re made of.

Photo: Dawson’s Creek.