Holy Crap, We Really Might Be Getting A Backstreet Boys X Spice Girls Tour

The past couple years have been absolute gold for late 90s / early 00s nostalgia reunions. B*Witched, Atomic Kitten, S Club 7 (now, tragically, S Club 3), Ja Rule, Ashanti, the Venga Boys – they’ve all done reunions to rapturous response from a generation addled by memories of the blue light discos of their youth. 
But never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that in our lifetimes, we could see a reunion tour featuring the Big Two: the god damn Backstreet Boys and the motherfuckin’ Spice Girls
Yep, rumours are flying that the two late-90s pop juggernauts are in talks about a joint tour, thanks to Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys blabbing to Us Weekly in an interview about his and Emma Bunton‘s new talent show, ‘Boy Band‘.

Hear that? The interviewer asks him if there’s any chance for a supergroup tour, and Carter says:
“We’ve had conversations. There’s been talks about it.”
The Spice Girls last toured a full ten years ago, so start putting out offerings at your Kylie Minogue: Queen of Pop shrine, because god damn we deserve this. And has there ever been a better time to brush up on your ‘Stop‘ dance routine? Get your primary school mates on the blower – time to argue over who gets to be Baby Spice all over again. 

Source: InStyle.
Image: Spice Girls.