In case you somehow hadn’t noticed, precious Aussie talent and wonderful angel Tkay Maidza is going from strength to bloody strength. 

The talented songwriter is on lineups everywhere you look, her music is being featured all over the shop, and now, she’s legit up for a BET Award. HUGE. 

She’s been nominated for the 2016 BET Viewer’s Choice ‘Best International Act’ award, which is massive:

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PEDESTRIAN.TV spoke to Tkay about how she feels about nominated for a BET Award, and she said, 

“Being nominated for an event that I’ve watched and heard about since I was 12 is pretty surreal. 

No idea how it happened but I’m super grateful.”

This is us and everyone in our fair country watching the rise of the illustrious Queen Maidza:

HOLY AMAZING: Our Girl Tkay Maidza Is Up For An International BET Award

You can also vote via your Facebook or Twitter, here:

Source: BET Awards.

Photo: @tkaymaidza / Instagram.