SEE YA: Hillsong Founder Brian Houston Has Resigned Following Allegations Of Misconduct


Hillsong megachurch founder Brian Houston has resigned as head of the church after an internal investigation was launched into his apparent inappropriate conduct with two women.

Hillsong last week revealed Houston had breached the church’s moral code of conduct for pastors and engaged in conduct of “serious concern” on two occasions.

The acting head of the church Pastor Phil Dooley made the announcement at a staff meeting on Wednesday and said it was time for “humble reflection” for the church.

Pastor Dooley read a statement from the glogal board which read: “We would like to advise you that Pastor Brian Houston has resigned as global senior pastor of Hillsong Church and the board has accepted his resignation.

“We understand there will be much emotion at this news and we all share these feelings.”

The investigation came after leaked letters revealed complaints had been made about Houston’s conduct in 2013 and 2019.

The global organisation was forced to apologise for Houston’s conduct last week.

“We have sadly been dealing with two complaints made against Pastor Brian over the last 10 years,” the church said in a statement on March 18.

“We apologise unreservedly to the people affected by Pastor Brian’s actions and commit to being available for any further assistance we can provide.”