Hey, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Ended

‘Sup, my fellow Bangheads.

It’s a sad day today, just after our beloved crew of hilarious, nerdy, and yet somehow commercially attractive friends hung up the bazingas for the final time.

That’s right: ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ is over.

Never again will our whole universe be in a hot, dense state – the Earth will remain cool, the autotrophs will never drool.

It’s all over, and the longest running multi-camer sitcom in history will disappear into syndication, something we’ll all ignore until we turn 73 years old and enjoy plugging in to whatever the equivalent is of Turner Classic Movies, all to watch Sheldon and the gang make life a hilarious and yet seemingly well-organised series of gags.

Farewell to Leonard’s lactose intolerant face.

Farewell to Howard, farewell to Bernadette, and farewell to Howard’s mother.

Goodbye Raj, you wonderful dork, maybe one day you will be able to control your alcohol intake (lol!)

Goodbye Penny, former neighbour turned best friend of the gang. We stan you Penny. We have no choice.

And au revoir to Sheldon, and addio to Amy.

We’ll never hear you knocking on the door again. We’ll never be privy to your excruciatingly perfect intelligence.

It is not the number of episodes we watch, but the number of moments we take away. Like the 1969 moon landing and the first connection made to the Internet Super-Highway, life is now at a crucial point – one we can never go back from, and one we can only hope promises good things. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Memento Mori.