Here Is Footage Of What Appears To Be A Man Swimming Away From A Shark In Sydney Harbour

In today’s edition of don’t believe everything you see on the internet because they’re really just trying to sell you stuff: Youtube user Terry Tufferson – if that is your real fake name – has just uploaded fake footage of something so fake that you really have to watch it to believe how fake it is. 

In a video titled GoPro: Man Fights Off Great White Shark In Sydney Harbour, a dude with a GoPro mounted to his head is seen to be leaping into the water from Manly jump rock, noticing a Great White CGI Shark then swimming back to shore with his life intact.

A few things we call bullshit on: ad-sized video length, this is the first and so far only video this guy has ever uploaded, his friends disappear, no bubbles appear when he screams and the title of the video just so happens to lead with the brand of the camera he caught it on? 
Also, how you gonna go back to shore, take your GoPro off, look directly into the camera and say “holy shit” immediately after surviving a shark attack? 
If this was real he would have A) thrown up on himself B) started crying C) passed out from shock.

Also, at no point does any fighting take place. Totally feeling cheated right now.