Here Are The NSW MPs Who Voted To Keep Abortion In The Crimes Act

Today, 25 NSW parliamentarians voted ‘no’ on a long overdue bill that would have seen abortion decriminalised in the state, a move which Greens NSW MP Mehreen Faruqi, who introduced the bill, said was “completely out of step with modern medical practice, community expectations and laws in almost all other states.”

It would have seen doctors who objected to abortion to be required to refer patients onto a doctor who would, and would have seen 150-metre safe access zones established around abortion clinics.
Instead, abortion remains in the Crimes Act, meaning women can only seek one if their mental or physical health is deemed to be jeopardised by a pregnancy. The bill was voted down by a margin of 14-25 votes.
Dr Faruqi expressed particular concern for rural and regional women after the failure of her bill, who she said “are the most impacted by abortion being in the Crimes Act, which keeps it scarce, expensive and privatised.”
Here are the NSW politicians who voted no to this bill:

Lou Amato (Liberal)

Niall Blair (Nationals)

Robert Borsak (Shooters, Fishers and Farmers)

Best known for: shooting elephants and bragging about it.
Robert Brown (Shooters, Fishers and Farmers)

David Clarke (Liberal)

Rick Colless (Nationals) 

Catherine Cusack (Liberal)

Greg Donnelly (Labor)

Best known for: hijacking a parliamentary debate about International Women’s Day to spew bizarre claims about Lady Gaga causing young boys to start thinking that “women and young girls are fair game and that they can go to a party on the weekend, get loaded up with grog and that it’s their right to ask a young girl for a head job or for anal sex or to push a young woman up against a wall and have sex.” Fuckin’ what.

Scott Farlow (Liberal Party)

Ben Franklin (Nationals)

Duncan Gay (Nationals)

Best known for: telling a young female MP, back when he was the NSW Roads Minister, that “building a road was not like buying a handbag.”

Trevor Khan (Nationals)

Scot MacDonald (Liberal)

Natasha Maclaren-Jones (Liberal)

Shayne Mallard (Liberal)

Taylor Martin (Liberal)

Best known for: allegedly calling a colleague a “Nazi” during a meeting, and telling a fellow party member to “fuck off back to Sydney.”

Sarah Mitchell (Nats)

Paul Green (Christian Democratic Party)

Don Harwin (Liberal)

Shaoquett Moselmane (Labor)

Reverend Fred Nile (Christian Democratic Party)

Best known for: being a consistently cooked cunt who has too big a profile for his small-minded, homophobic bullshit.

Greg Pearce (Liberal)

Best known for: being sacked by former NSW premier Barry O’Farrell for failing to disclose a perceived conflict of interest.

Peter Phelps (Liberal)

Best known for: plagiarising speeches and comparing sex acts among students to the State Government’s healthy canteen strategy.

Bronnie Taylor (Nats)

Ernest Wong (Labor)

Best known for: being the key link between NSW and federal Labor politicians and a small clique of wealthy Chinese-Australian businessmen.


Photo: Mehreen Faruqi.