There’s A 100% Chance Of You Being A Sticky Mess With A ‘Severe Heatwave’ Hitting This Weekend


Hope you have the aircon running or a supply of Zooper Doopers ready to go, because the Bureau of Meteorology has warned that much of south-eastern Australia is set to swelter through a heatwave throughout the rest of the weekend.

BOM meteorologist Jonathan How said “the most significant heatwave of the season so far” is set to impact “millions of people” this weekend, and create dangerous fire weather conditions in South Australia, extending to the eastern states by Sunday.

The forecast also warmed of “severe heatwave conditions” in inland parts, which are set to reach the coast over the weekend, and intensify to “extreme levels” for north-east New South Wales and south-east Queensland into next week. What a fun, sexy time for us!

Friday saw maximum temperatures in the mid 40s across SA, western NSW and southern QLD. Today, temps in inland SA are expected to climb as high as 47 degrees, while tomorrow, northern NSW and parts of western Brisbane are tipped to hit the high 30s.

“Sweltering conditions” will persist in these areas into next week, with potentially no chance of relief until Thursday. How went on to say that heatwave conditions are normal for this time of year, but the temperatures and duration of this event will make it “exceptional.”

Meanwhile, as weekend temperatures soar in Sydney, authorities have urged those who can stay cool at home via fans and air conditioning to do so, to minimise the risk of overcrowding and maintain social distancing on beaches and in other public places.