Smol turtles are God’s gift to us all.
*Imagine* how well you’d sleep at night knowing you’d personally helped save one of these little guys’ lives?
For World Environment Day, on Monday 5 June, non-profit organisation Queensland Trust For Nature is running a v. v. v. rare campaign that lets people adopt a Flatback Turtle hatchling for just $25.
Your money will go towards helping with the great work they do to protect the Flatback’s nesting habitat on Avoid Island (who did that), which is one of QTFN’s permanent reserves on the Great Barrier Reef.
It’s important the sandy spot remains a sanctuary for these little guys; the Flatback is the only marine turtle to nest solely within Australia, laying more than 7,000 eggs on Avoid Island between November and December every year, and yet they’re still listed as a vulnerable species in Queensland.
That’s largely due to the threat land-based predators such as foxes, pigs, cats and dogges pose to turtles and their hatchlings, all of which are kept off Avoid Island, letting them breed in a much safer environment.
You can adopt a hatchling right HERE, duuuuuuuude.
Photo: Getty / Barcroft Media.