Hackers Tweet Fake Terrorist Attacks On NBC

Hackers, they’re just like regular people. Which means that for every crusading member of Anonymous or Wikileaks, there’s a bunch of irresponsible idiots causing trouble just for the sake of it.

Enter Script Kiddies, aka the Eminem of hackers, who last night broke into NBC News’ Twitter account and started posting fake news updates about terrorist attacks at Ground Zero. With Americans already in jitters about the (unlikely) possibility of a repeat of the 9/11 tragedy in the lead-up to the tenth anniversary tomorrow, this was in extremely poor taste, something acknowledged by Twitter moderators who promptly suspended their account. The first tweet read: “Breaking News! Ground Zero has just been attacked. Flight 5736 has crashed into the site, suspected hijacking. More as the story develops.”

Incidentally, CBS also erroneously posted yesterday that Apple CEO Steve Jobs had died. Script Kiddies have previously taken over FOX News, too. Perhaps American should just turn off their news feeds this weekend.

via PC World.