Greta Thunberg Can’t Believe We’re Stalling On Climate Change While Australia Burns

Greta Thunberg has condemned the Australian government for its political inaction amidst the nation’s bushfire crisis.

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Responding to Nine News footage detailing the extremity of NSW’s fires, Thunberg expressed her disbelief at the government for refusing to acknowledge any link between the fires and the current climate crisis.

“Not even catastrophes like these seem to bring any political action,” she began.

“How is this possible? Because we still fail to make the connection between the climate crisis and increased extreme weather events and nature disasters like the #AustraliaFires. That’s what has to change. Now.”

Meanwhile, Scott Morrison spoke to Sunrise this morning about his widely-condemned decision to vacation in Hawaii, still failing to completely acknowledge how truly fucked it was that he, our supposed leader, left his own country as it turned to ash.

“We all make decisions, Monique,” Morrison said. “You do as a parent, I do as a parent, we all seek to balance our work-life responsibilities and we all try to get that right.”

He continued: “Whether it’s on a Friday afternoon, and you’re deciding to take that extra plumbing contract and you said you were gonna pick up the kids, or something at my level, these are things you juggle as a parent.”