Government Gives $4m To Dude That Thinks Climate Change Isn’t A Priority

A Danish dude that thinks that climate change isn’t really a priority has been given $4 million by the Australian government, to open a consensus centre at the University of Western Australia.

The government managed to find the money to hand to Bjørn Lomborg to establish his consensus centre, despite trying to impose budget cuts to the higher education sector.

Lomborg uses his consensus centre to advise governments what spending produces the best social value for money spent, and has previously concluded that climate change is not a top-priority problem. He believes the seriousness of the issue has been overstated, and that subsidies for renewable energy make no economic sense. He also believes that we should stop spending as much foreign aid on climate projects and that poor countries need continued access to cheap fossil fuels. 


UWA said the Australia Consensus Centre would be mainly doing three things:
Firstly, advising on the “smartest” post-2015 UN international development goals.
Secondly, advising on what policies would best “keep Australia prosperous in a generation’s time”.
Thirdly, “setting global priorities for development aid and helping development agencies produce the most good for every dollar spent”.


Tony Abbott actually quotes Bjorn in his book, Battlelines:

It doesn’t make sense, though, to impose certain and substantial costs on the economy now in order to avoid unknown and perhaps even benign changes in the future.”

Oh, and this guys consensus centre had previously been defunded by the Danish government, which Lomborg stated was because the Danish government did not like that his company said “the typical way that we solve it turns out to be a pretty poor investment of resources.” 

So these are all super good and not-at-all concerning signs for Australia’s view on climate change. 

via The Guardian 

Image via ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images