Google’s Self Driving Car Is Here To Chauffeur Your Lazy Ass Around

Behold, the future of getting from A to Brisbane. 

U.S. tech giant Google is currently in the early development phase of an electric, self-driving car powered by magic designed to operate safely and autonomously without requiring you to do jack shit. And they mean it. These cars will have no steering wheel, no accelerator pedal, or brake pedal or any other means with which to take control, passengers completely reliant on a revolutionary software and sensor system. 
The benefits are legion if they can nail it. It mitigates human error in driving, an inherently dangerous exercise, can transport people who aren’t physically capable or qualified to drive (the extremely young or old, for example), save time by self-parking or transporting itself to its next destination, and eliminates the possibility of driving on drugs or alcohol. Not to mention its superb green credentials. 

At current, prototypes are fitted with special sensors that remove blind spots and are capable of detecting objects and obstacles from a distance of more than two football fields, are capped at speeds of around 40km/hour and make use of a spartan interior design ethos which includes two seats, seat belts, a space for passengers’ belongings, a buttons to start and stop travel, and a central master display console.

While still in the prototype phase, Google took it to the streets and invited volunteers for a test drive through Mountain View in California.

Look ma, no hands!