GoMA Presents ‘Let There Be Rock’

If rock and roll cinema is your jam you would be remiss to sidestep the Gallery of Modern Art‘s forthcoming film series “Let There Be Rock”, featuring the greatest music-related documentaries, concert movies and feature films off all time that are being topped off with live performances by a few legends of Brisbane’s indie music scene.

GoMA’s phenomenally curated program includes a diverse exploration of rock music on film: from The Beatles first cinematic foray in A Hard Day’s Night (1964) to Animal Collective’s visual album ODDSAC (2009), Metallica’s explosive band doco Some Kind of Monster (2004), David Bowie‘s Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars (1973) and the all time rock mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap.

And for an extra rock and roll treat, Friday night screenings will feature special live performances by local musicians including members of I Heart Hiroshima, The Gin Club and Texas Tea.

Our pick of the program? A special final event on Friday 3 June where Quan from Regurgitator will take on the music of Prince prior to the screening of what is arguably rock’s most epic movie/album, Purple Rain.

Engage sign of the horns.

The program Gallery of Modern Art’s Australian Cinémathèque from April 29 to June 5, 2011. For all the info head to the Gallery website at http://qag.qld.gov.au/