GIRD YR ARTERIES: Melbourne’s Getting A 3 Day Long Fried Chicken Festival

There are very few foods that deserve an entire three day festival, and I can list all of them: tacos, cheesesteaks, pulled pork, ribs, Reuben sandwiches, ramen, pizza and fried chicken.

Fried chicken is a magical gift from heaven that we absolutely don’t deserve, but have still been lucky enough to experience. Who would have known that coating an already delicious meat in salty bread and deep frying it could be so delicious? Literally anyone.
Is it terrible for you? Absolutely. Is it kind of gross to eat? You betcha. Is it like the best thing in the world to eat too much of while knocking back a few beers? It sure as fuck is.
To honour this most noble of foods, Melbourne is getting its very own festival, inviting all the fried chicken-est food trucks to descend upon Food Truck Park for three days of (licensed) bird-gorging.
It starts at 5pm Friday November 18 and runs until the following Sunday, open from 5pm – 10pm on Friday, 12pm – 10pm on Saturday and 12pm – 9pm on Sunday.
The event is free, Food Truck Park is 518 High St, Preston and there’s still lots of time to buy plane tickets if you’re not a Melbournite.
Source: Fox FM.
Photo: Warner Bros.