PODCAST: We Figure Out If Ghosting Is Ever Okay In ‘Waiting For A D8’ Ep 9

It’s hard enough finding someone who strikes love into your heart and makes the world seem like it voms rainbows all day.

But when you do find someone and it winds up going sour on your end, you’ve also gotta figure out a nice way of backing the heck out without being the douchebag who broke someone’s heart.

But then you’ve got the drama involved with ghosting. That spooky, spooky habit of chickens and fuccbois – or is it? A buncha people are now turning to ghosting to avoid their awkward relationship convos.

In the latest episode of Waiting For A D8, we discussed whether or not there’s ever a place for a good ol’ Casper impersonation in this, the year of interconnectivity and availability, 2018. (Side note: anyone else have a crush on the dude who played Casper in human form when they were a kid? Just sayin’.)

We chat with PTV staffers Dom and Jack about their own dating habits. Dom has experienced her fair share of ghosting – from little scare ghosting to major scares – but Jack? Jack admits to being a ghoster himself.

Then social media legend Alan Tsibuliya stops by to tell us the difference between the savage ghoster and the low-key ghoster – and which one is the lesser of two evils.

Givvus a listen above and decide for yourself if ghosting is a trick or a treat.