Get Naked With Stuart Ringholt At The Museum Of Contemporary Art

When the MCA reopened on Thursday, we didn’t think it would get this open.

As part of the performance, participatory and site-specific art exhibition, Local Positioning Systems – curated by Performance Space – Australian artist Stuart Ringholt will provide a tour of the show. Cool, right? A personal tour of an exhibition lead by an artist featured in said exhibition. The only catch, as it’s described by the MCA, is that “the artist will be naked. Those who wish to join the tour must also be naked.” Compulsory nekkidness. Neat.

The literal removal of ‘material barriers’ between artist and audience aims to give the viewer a new perspective on works by viewing them entirely butt naked, works that deal exclusively with themes of fear and embarrassment. One of Ringholt’s best-known work is a series called – funnily enough – Embarrassment, in which the artist stood in public places with toilet paper hanging out of his trousers, or wore a prosthetic nose for a day. The naturist tours have previously taken place at MONA in Tasmania and the Australian Centre of Contemporary Art in Melbourne and, from what I’ve read, are surprisingly intimate and comfortable experiences. Plus you can keep your shoes on!

Commencing on Saturday April 28th at 5:45pm, the tour -not surprisingly – is adults only and the curated exhibition, featuring five other Australian artists and the UK based collective Walker & Bromwich, will conclude on June 3rd. General ass-mission tickets are $21.95. See all of you there?