How To Get A Dream Job That’s 90% Patting Sweet Baby Animals

Steve Irwin. Ranger Stacey. Russell Coight

For years the vocation of looking after, learning about (and let’s be honest, playing with) cute and cuddly animals has been beamed onto our screens, creating a generation of kids who’d love nothing more than to fill their days patting ‘roos, feeding koalas and walking wombats.

Jus’ a coupla colleagues at work NBD.

More than just a rare TV presenter gig, wildlife conservation is a hugely rewarding career, not just for yourself but for the diverse and often struggling ecosystems of our unique country that need a bit of a hand.

So you don’t have to just take our word for it though, PEDESTRIAN.TV got the chance to share a yarn with IRL wildlife warrior Beau Eastman who works at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on Queensland’s Gold Coast, to find out more about how he scored such a sweet gig.

Much like most of us, Beau fell in love with animals of all shapes and sizes from a young age thanks to old mate David Attenborough and when he left school he was deadset on turning his doco-fuelled passion into a lifelong gig ending up with a Cert 3 in Captive Animals and Management from TAFE Queensland.

And now? He’s living the god damn dream by the sounds. Here’s how he sums up his day-to-day work life:

Part of the job of being an animal trainer is we want to make sure our animals have a very enriching life. We make toys for them, we take them out for walks, or just hang out with them. Having a rapport with all the animals is very important. It blocks out everything that happens in your life because you’re thinking about the beautiful connection you’re having with yourself and that animal.

The dude makes toys for animals. TOYS. FOR. FLUFFY. LIL’. ANIMALS. So jelly…

Watch the vid below to discover Beau’s full story and cop some of the feathery, furry bubs he gets to work with:

If you want to imitate Beau or explore all the possible paths to your perfect future job, head to QLD TAFE’s site HERE and start searching.