Fuck ‘Love Actually’, Watch Gay Santa Fall In Love In This Wholesome Norwegian Christmas Ad

Norway’s postal service has released a Christmas TV ad about gay Santa and this precious snowflake just balled her little eyes out.

The incredibly cinematic four-minute ad is titled ‘When Harry Met Santa’ and marks the 50th anniversary of the country’s decriminalisation of homosexuality. It’s also a nod to the Christmas carol ‘I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus’ and yes, Daddy, yes. 

Maybe it is rainbow capitalism, but Posten has been praised for the progressive and powerful move. It tells the beautiful love story between Santa and a lonely gay Norwegian, played by queer actor Johan Ehn.

The journey starts when Harry catches Santa delivering presents in his living room one year, before he vanishes up the chimney. It’s love at first sight. We then see Harry yearn for Christmas throughout the long years, waiting for Santa to return. Each Christmas they spend a little more time together, joking around, drinking hot cocoa, before Santa has to get back to work and Harry is left in despair once more.

Finally, Harry posts Santa a letter addressed to the north pole saying “All I want for Christmas is you.”

Quivering with anticipation on Christmas Eve, Harry’s doorbell rings and he rushes to answer, only to find a Posten delivery person there with a bundle of presents. When Harry returns to his living room, who should be there but SANTA!!!!!! He got Posten to cover him this year so they could be together. They share the most tender, passionate, Oscar-worthy kiss and yep, crying.

Posten’s marketing director Monica Solberg told LGBTQ Nation that the Christmas ads had become a tradition, but that they looked at this year’s differently.

“In last year’s campaign, Santa was angry at Norway Post, which took away from him the ‘business’.  This year, Santa is happy that Norway Post can relieve him a little, so that he can be with the one he loves,” Solberg said.

“Posten is an inclusive workplace with great diversity, and we would like to celebrate the 50th anniversary with this fine love story,” she added.

When the ad aired, Ehn’s husband lovingly tweeted: “That’s my husband kissing Santa!”