Have A Bloody Geez At The Fun Pics From Our Huge Party W/ Dune Rats, Stace Cadet & Ruby Fields

Hey, guess what? We just threw a fun party in Brisbane to celebrate the release of new Aussie flick 6 Festivals, and the pics are super cute!

But first, a lil on 6 Festivals if you haven’t yet heard the good word. The movie follows three teenage besties (played by Rasmus KingYasmin Honeychurch and Rory Potter) who try to attend six music festivals in as many months after a cancer diagnosis turns their world upside down.

It’s a v heartwarming affair, chock-full of real festival footage from acts like Dune RatsG FlipB WisePeking DukRuby FieldsJerome Farah and Kobie Dee. A true showcase of Aussie talent – we love to see.

So to celebrate, we threw a fun screening and party at Brissy’s iconic Woolly Mammoth, with some fun performances from Dune Rats, Ruby Fields, and Stace Cadet.

Aaaaaand here’s how it went.

Our very own superstar Kairavi, interviewing film director, Macario De Souza.

Image: Hello Social

The cast is in the building. From left to right: Rasmus King, Guyala Bayles, Yasmin Honeychurch, Rory Potter, Macario De Souza.


One of the stars of the film, Guyala Bayles.

Hmmm where to sit, where to sit??????

Aaaand we’re off.

POV: everyone pretending they didn’t just see you trip on that little step.

OK party time!!

Stace Cadet pointing to his best friend and his secret enemy – which one is which, only he knows.

Now do a silly one!

The über talented Ruby Fields lit the place up.

Dune Rats’ Danny Beusaraus ‘avin some fun.

Guy in crowd, ‘avin some fun.

The exact moment Dune Rats’ Brett Jansch was informed his car was getting towed.

All hail the light orb.

Oh hey look who’s on the mic!

That’s all from us, but before you scoot off be sure to catch 6 Festivals on Paramount+ from August 25 – and peep the trailer below!

OK, now you can scoot. Go on, get out of here!!!

All images by Vanessa van Dalsen, unless stated otherwise.