Frozen Berries Recalled Following Link To 4 Hepatitis A Cases In Australia

Would you like a charming dose of Hepatitis A with your health goth smoothie du jour?

If you answered ‘yes’ – then, great news! Victoria’s health department have announced that a link has been found between Nana’s 1 kg packets of frozen mixed berries and Hepatitis A which were packed in China. Delish!

If you answered, ‘fuck, no’ – then, go ahead and chuck out the aforementioned frozen berries, burn them even, if you must. The Guardian reports that four cases of Hepatitis A in Australia—three in Victoria and one in NSW—have been reported, with four adults now suffering from the “potentially deadly” virus. 

Victoria’s chief health officer confirmed that the only common link to the four cases was the frozen berries. 

Hepatitis A affects the liver, and is generally transmitted through the faeces of another person. 

Via The Guardian
Lead image by Darren McCollester via Getty.