Friendlyjordies’ Community Manager Has Quit Over His ‘Ongoing Handling Of Controversies’

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Friendlyjordies’ Community Manager/Producer (known as Matt Au on Twitter) has officially abandoned ship, due to a number of controversies surrounding the YouTuber.

In a post made to Twitter yesterday, he wrote about how Friendlyjordies’ (Jordan Shanks) ongoing controversies/media attention have made it difficult to work for him, as it goes against his better conscience.

In the extended tweet, he wrote:

It is with sadness, but also frustration and relief, that I am resigning from my position at Friendlyjordies. I have been a part of the Friendlyjordies team since the beginning of 2019 and since then I feel I have contributed much to the growth and success that we have had on our podcast as well as helped build a community of people who all stand behind the common goal of bringing Australia away from the direction we are heading.

However the continual and ongoing handling of controversies; both past and present, internally and externally, has driven me to part ways with the team and the show. I feel I cannot continue to work on and support Friendlyjordies in good conscious. Somewhere along the way the channel and the show that I once loved lost it’s way and I cannot continue to help spread a message that I no longer wholeheartedly believe in. I joined this team as a way of feeling like I was helping to contribute positively to society in someway; unfortunately I question whether or not that is the case anymore.

I wish the boys the best of luck with their future endeavors and hope that the work of Friendlyjordies ends up being a net positive in the long run.

Only a few hours before, he posted a gif of a man putting a gun to his head, with the caption: “Me dealing with new Jordies drama every fucking week.”

However, Matt Au reassured his followers that Shanks and himself are still on good terms, and that he understands his reason for leaving.

This comes after the YouTuber has been involved in a string of controversies, with the most recent being a rant about the Djab Wurrung trees.

A few days ago, Friendlyjordies defended cultural genocide against the Djab Wurrung people, and joked about the significance of dreamtime stories on his comedy podcast.


This is not the NAIDOC Week Vibe #naidocweek #alwayswasalwayswillbe #Indigenous

♬ original sound – Nich – Nich

“If that tree is below the threshold of when Indigenous people were saying it’s a sacred tree…no, science is science,” he said when discussing Djab Wurrung on the podcast.

One of the other hosts then interjected and said: “This is the worst discussion to be having in the middle of NAIDOC week guys.”

Shanks continued: “Yeah, as part of science we get it. I’m not on the Andrew Bolt train of ‘there wasn’t a genocide enacted on the Indigenous people.’ Yeah, obviously there was. But like dude? Science counts for everything.”

“If that tree was not there before colonialism. It’s a tree. A tree.

“This is the point that pissed me off on Twitter. They were saying that [Djab Wurrung] is comparable to Queensland.”