Freya Newman Breaks Her Silence To Thank Supporters

Late last month a Sydney court imposed a two year good behaviour bond, but no conviction, on Freya Newman – the one-time employee of the Whitehouse Institute of Design who used intra-school systems to access records that revealed information about Frances Abbott‘s $60,000 scholarship to study at the school; a scholarship that, for all intents and purposes, appears to not exist, and raised significant questions about political favours, potential corruption and whether it truly was earned on merit, as the school repeatedly professes.

The court found that Newman’s offence was motivated by a sense of injustice, and rated it on the lowest end of the criminal spectrum.
Throughout the unusually lengthy hearings, support for Newman’s whistleblowing flooded in from all corners, which included offers to pay for her legal costs.
Though she remained publicly silent during the ordeal, today Freya broke her silence to thank her supporters, revealing that her legal costs were minimal thanks to pro bono work from her legal team, and to promote awareness for Gunawirra – a non-profit organisation assisting Aboriginal families.

Way to go, Freya. You absolute legend.

Photo via The New Daily.