France Is Entering A Melbourne-Style National Lockdown As COVID-19 Cases Skyrocket

France will enter a second round of Melbourne-style coronavirus lockdowns on Friday, as the nation braces against a second wave of infections and a spiralling number of COVID-19 deaths.

Speaking on Wednesday evening, French President Emmanuel Macron said drastic action was required against second wave that will “probably be harder and more deadly than the first.”

To combat the virus, which yesterday led to 33,000 new infections and 523 deaths in France, Macron said the nation will close non-essential businesses, including restaurants, bars, and cafés.

As in Melbourne’s lengthy lockdown, residents will be restricted from leaving the home, with exceptions for approved work, providing medical care, and daily exercise.

Private and public gatherings will be forbidden.

“Like in the spring, you will be able to leave your house only to work, for a medical appointment, to provide assistance to a relative, to shop for essential goods or to go for a walk near your house,” Macron announced.

One key difference between the French response and the restrictions imposed on Victoria: those measures will impact the entire country.

The lockdown is expected to last at least until December 1.

Similar restrictions will be reimposed in neighbouring Germany, which tallied over 11,000 new cases and 42 deaths on Monday.

In her own Wednesday afternoon address, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced a national lockdown will kick in on Monday, November 2.

Bars and restaurants will close, except for takeaway service, while shops will operate under strict customer density guidelines. Private gatherings will also be tightly controlled.

Merkel said it was essential to upgrade the restrictions to “avoid an acute national health emergency.”

The new crackdowns come as case numbers continue to rise across Europe.