Former Newtown Brothel Goes On Market, Nails “For Sale” Sign

Comrades. Never have we so admired the efforts of a real estate agent—barring Sandy Cohen being American Beauty’s King of Real Estate—until this very day. 

Credit must go to redditor timpoulton for unearthing this li’l gem: the ‘For Sale’ sign posted on a former brothel on King Street in Newtown, listed by LJ Hooker:


In case you thought LJ Hooker might have fallen victim to using the wrong real estate agent buzzphrase without knowing the property was used as a brothel, agent Adrian Abrook is most definitely aware, per its listing online:

“Formerly used as a brothel, it has a very versatile floorplan with a current configuration offering foyer and waiting rooms, 11 client rooms each with shower, separate male and female amenities, large laundry, rear courtyard, multiple hot water systems and ample storage.” 

Sydney, 638 King Street has inspections coming up this Wednesday and Saturday. For his fine work on a property that presents unique challenges to sell, it’s only fair we all attend and buy old mate a frothy:

A hero among agents. 

Via Reddit.
Lead image via LJ Hooker; Reddit.