Fooderati’s Melissa Leong On How To Turn Blogging Into Business At Start Up

Food has never been more in fashion, and the natural domino effect is the thriving industry in culinary careers. Devoted foodie Melissa Leong has turned her passion for all things cuisine (i.e. eating) into a self-sustained niche business she effectively carved out for herself. Dreamy, right? But there’s more to professional deliciousness than meets the eye (or the mouth).

The map of Melissa’s career has taken an unpredictable route from the point of finishing school to her thriving Fooderati blog which is the foundation of her current business. From dreams of a concert pianist to a short-lived gig as a makeup artist, an unfulfilling stint in advertising into blogging, freelance food writing and becoming a respected member of food media as director of Fooderati, Melissa shared the genuinely inspiring and refreshingly honest story of her career path at Start Up, the creative conference hosted by Pedestrian Jobs and Macleay College in January 2012.

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