‘Fleek’ and ‘Yaaas’ Are Totally Real Words, Says Dictionary.com

To anyone who has been so rudely told “that’s not a real word!”, this one goes out to you.

Bastions of lingual legitimacy Dictionary.com are just taking the initiative and doing as they damn well please, adding ‘yaaas’ and ‘fleek’ to their unthinkably huge collection of actual English words.

Supposedly, the additions will come into play later this month, and will sidle up nicely with ‘bae’ – a term that those toff wordsmiths at rivals Oxford Dictionaries deemed part of their “bonfire” list of words to destroy earlier this week. 
For everyone who’s ever struggled to keep up with those young whippersnappers and their ~craaazy~ lingo these days, just remember we were in a world of trouble before ol’ Willy Shakespeare himself created the words ‘elbow’, ‘rant’ and ‘champion’. 
We’re not saying ‘yaaas’ is a full-blown literary masterpiece on the scale of Julius Caesar, but we’re not not saying it, either. 
The additions will take place on November 11, alongside other newies including ‘sapiosexual’, which has been defined elsewhere as “becoming attracted to or aroused by intelligence and its use.” So, there you go.
Story via Mashable.
Image via Wheretogetit.