First Kickstarter Charity Campaign Raises $500K For Refugees In 12 Hours

In order to connect people want to help with the Syrian refugees who so desperately need it, the UNHCR has set up the first ever charity Kickstarter to provide an easy-to-donate channel.

Launched all of twelve hours ago (at the time of writing), the Kickstarter has already raised over $500,000 for refugees. [You can add your donation HERE.]

Unlike a regular ol’ Kickstarter, this one has no funding goal, no delay between when funds are donated and when they’re collected, and no limit on how many times you can donate before the period ends on Tuesday, October 13.

UNHCR has also decided to donate their usual 5% fee, and Stripe, their payments partner, is waiving their usual fee, so the only extra charges are a 2% credit card processing fee; the rest of your dollars are going direct to helping vulnerable refugees.

As per usual, there’s a few different donation amounts available, but instead of what YOU’LL be getting, they tell you what your money could be achieving (there’s also the option to donate any amount of your choosing).

On the Kickstarter page, UNHCR writes:

“For months, we’ve all watched the steady unfolding of a humanitarian crisis. Waves of refugees, driven from their homes by violence and war, have given up everything to escape. They’ve crossed nations on foot and open water in cramped, unsafe boats, just to reach someplace — anyplace — safe. UNHCR’s job is to help them survive and recover: to provide aid and shelter, reunite families, and support people as they struggle to build new lives.”

“This year alone, half a million refugees have found their way to Europe. Many of them arrive exhausted, malnourished, and carrying the few possessions they could save. Six thousand more are arriving in Greece each day. More than half of the refugee population is under 18. Often, children end up separated from their loved ones, lost in strange new places.”

“UNHCR is helping, in Europe and around the globe. And you can help them. At the invitation of the White House, we’re joining the effort to support their important work. Any money you give through this campaign will go directly to USA for UNHCR to provide aid to people who need it — everything from food, water, and warm clothes to special care for children separated from their families.”

Image: via Kickstarter.