Aussies Rally Around Families Of Firefighters Tragically Killed Yesterday & Raise $27K

A GoFundMe has already raised a whopping $27,000 for the families of the two firefighters tragically killed on Thursday night.

Firefighters and young fathers Geoffrey Keaton (32) and Andrew O’Dwyer (36) were tragically killed in a motor vehicle accident on Green Wattle fireground on Thursday evening while trying to fight the fires that have ravaged the nation for weeks. Both men joined the force in 2006, and were dedicated members.

“This morning alone we have seen multiple GoFundMe pages set up in reaction to the news that two of our cherished firefighters, Andrew O’Dwyer and Geoffrey Keaton, have passed away overnight,” GoFundMe Regional Manager Nicola Britton said.

“Australians are increasingly responding to tragic events by launching funds to provide financial relief for those directly impacted, and their loved ones. They’re turning their compassion into action.”

The GoFundMe was started by former firefighter Warren Spriggs from Wollongong, who obviously understands the struggles of the job and was devastated by the news.

It’s Christmas time and the more fortunate Aussies are rallying around the families risking it all to protect us from the bushfires.

“The GoFundMe Trust and Safety team, a dedicated group of experts, have been monitoring each fund closely. They will be working closely with all campaign organisers to ensure that each donation, small or large, reaches the impacted families.”

The GoFundMe is already half way to its $50,000 goal in less than eight hours with a whopping $27,000 already donated.

The fires ravaging Australia are showing no sign of slowing down, and the Prime Minister isn’t doing much, but thankfully the true-blue Aussie spirit of helping each other out in a time of need is alive and well.

If you’re in a position of privilege and are able to spare a few dollars to support these families during what must be a horrific Christmas, you can donate or share the GoFundMe here.