The Clinton Campaign Is Refusing To Die With This Weird Anti-Fake News Site

Former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has publicly thrown her support behind the new website Verrit, leading people to ask one vital question: what the everliving hell is a Verrit?

A quick perusal of the site reveals a new hybrid social media platform, ostensibly created to combat the spread of political misinformation. Instead of unsubstantiated content being hurled around willy-nilly, Verrit claims to offer a system where users can attach verification codes to authenticated pieces of info.

It’s also a thoroughly Clinton-centred operation. Founded by Peter Daou, a political strategist who worked on Clinton’s 2016 campaign, the site’s early early outreach targets the 65.8 million American voters who voted for Clinton over her rivals. As if Clinton’s sign-on hadn’t already given it away, this isn’t exactly a non-partisan endeavour.

You’d better believe the site is still salty about her Democratic opponent Bernie Sanders, too.

At time of writing, the site is down. Daou claims it’s because of a DDoS attack aimed at Verrit due to Clinton’s endorsement. Regardless, the entire concept has been shellacked as kind of entitled and echo chamber-esque, as users ask why the objective truth should be marketed solely to Clinton’s supporters.

More still have decided to run with the platform to present their own ‘facts’:

We’ll let you know if any other developments arise, if the site manages to come back online.