Featured Jobs: Coca-Cola, Pedestrian, Future Classic

PEDESTRIAN (SYD/MELB) is looking for a Sports Editor/Writer to help launch a new section (SPOILER ALERT: …we’re launching a Sports Section) of our site which will be all about balls and how people use them. If you love balls as much as Lynx then this is the job for you. The Sports Editor/Writer will help launch Pedestrian Sport into the market and will continue to write and develop the site in the future. From AFL to NRL, NBL to NBA, Melbourne Cup to the FA Cup we’re looking for someone with a love, passion and knowledge of Sport and how it intersects with Pop Culture. Basically you need to write about Sport and make it legit and lol. Apply HERE

PEDESTRIAN (SYD) is looking for a new addition to our Advertising and Media Sales team. If you can cut a deal like Gordon Gekko, have the oratory skills of Don Draper and the ambition of Julia Gillard then we want to hear from you. Do you love youth culture, advertising and online media? Are you a recent graduate or have 1 – 2 years experience in relevant roles? Are you an excellent communicator on the phone (and not afraid to pick it up) and can write a killer email (do people like the sound of your own voice as much as you do?). Applications close in a week, so be quick if you want to get all up inside here. Apply HERE

PEDESTRIAN (SYD/MELB) is looking for an ambitious and digitally savvy Media Sales Account Manager. If you’ve ever wanted to work in a young dynamic company in the fastest growing media sector of all-time now’s your chance. Are you bursting with ideas, enthusiasm and creativity? Do you want to make the most of your previous media-sales experience and contacts at a company that you love? Do you want to hang out with some of the best people in the world (me)? You will need to have 3 – 7 years experience in media sales or similar roles and basically just be a superstar with a proven track record (existing contacts and relationships) of being sik. Apply HERE

PEDESTRIAN (this guy right here) is looking for Social Photographers from across Aus to get paid to cover major club nights, festivals and gigs throughout August-October. Fresh shoes are waiting to be filled in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. Photographers will be required to shoot a few venues per night and conduct a bit of sponsored promotional sampling in the process. So if you are a cussing boss Photographer – once your job boner has subsided, apply HERE

Oh cool. So one of the biggest companies in THE ENTIRE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, Coca-Cola (SYD), is just casually looking for a Senior Graphic Designer. No bigs. So, as Senior Graphic Designer for Inspire Creative you will be working closely with the Customer Marketing Team, Trade Marketing and Brand teams, and a variety of business units across CCA on a 12 month contract. There is a lot of scope for creativity in this role which can span from creating key visuals for new products, promotions, trade presenters, identity, design for all branding requirements of new customers – for example logo signage and interior design. This is…a big deal. Apply HERE

If you know which ship made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs AND that whoever decided to cancel Firefly is the ACTUAL devil – consider applying to be the Online Personality for SF Australia (formerly the SCI FI Channel). They are looking for someone to lead the conversation across their digital platforms. You will be a great writer who is able to talk to their engaged, knowledgeable sci fi audience and the everyday TV viewer simultaneously (and not make an arse of yourself). “Preferably Sydney based’” BUT if you completely + totally want this and are completely + totally perfect for the job – best start perfecting your application… Apply HERE

Future Classic (SYD) would like a Label & Communications Co-Ordinator. Must be down with O.P.P* and the work that Future does. You’ll be responsible for spreading the word on their projects and just casually managing the day-to-day operations of an indie record label. They’re looking for a super organised self-starter who gets things done while paying attention to details. The right person will balance digital skills with PR experience and a savvy understanding of the media space. *Don’t be crass. Apply HERE

Spreets Brisbane are looking for a Deal Reviewers to go out and experience deals to produce editorial content and professional quality photos. YOU HEARD ME. They want you to experience exciting adventures, brilliant restaurants, luxurious beauty treatments and just generally get amongst the ALL the things. Quick turn around time will be required and you will need to be able to provide content/images within two hours of your experience. Must like activities. Aussie Waterballs was recently featured. S’all i’m saying… Apply HERE

Courtesy of Pedestrian Jobs.
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Photo by Phil Inglis, Getty Images